Friday, 24 July 2015

Norfolk Tale


Norfolk. North Sea facing and home to a cluster of incredible beaches. Timeless open rural landscapes peppered with flint and cob houses edged in red brick. Tidal estuaries and spits and staithes. Sailing boats and dinghies, clanking in the wind. Large rambling estates dotted throughout and consequently gardens to discover. The weather rattles through changing the mood...I love that.


In Wiveton...
 Hovering in a summery state of inaction.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Well turned out

The days are lengthening and the grass is romping away, in the wind the fields quiver and team with life. All creatures great and small. May saw "The Turn Out", young lambs and calves put out to graze for the first time. It is a joyful, bucolic scene, one I have come to know and love these last few years here on our hill. There is something timeless about the land being grazed. The verges are frothing with cow parsley and studded with clover and vetch. Walking takes me to forgotten fields and corners less trodden as I try to check fences and gate posts are fit for purpose! Some are, and some are not, so the cycle of repairing and renewal begins. Boodle accompanies me and keeps watch over the flock, come with us if you have a minute...
 I have taken to going the long way round...both literally and metaphorically. 
Taking longer, saying less, noticing more... 

 - - x - -

Sunday, 10 May 2015


...I introduce you to some shopping, walking, reading, cooking, other words the weekend!


...that's all folks! 
No need for blurb from me I thought! Except to say that I could stare at the velvety owl fluff at that sits next to the Boodle's ears for days...and never stop feeling the heart swelling choke in my throat when I do...
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